Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pond Prank

Dinner time for the dogs and I send them outside for a run before they eat.  Tanner comes back almost immediately with a big appetite and a woof at the door.  I look out and there is Chili, soaking wet, standing stiff and looking guilty.  I'm immediately stunned and ask her..."how the heck did you get soaked?"  Then I realize I left the gate open to the backyard when I took down the laundry.  I guess the opportunity to venture back there and into the pond was just too tempting, so she took a dip.  She ran when I stepped down the steps and she was flying around the front yard with cunning and zest.  I had to laugh. 
I figured what the heck, she's already wet, so I grab her and the camera and head into the back with an "it's ok".  Into the pond she walks.  I'm pretty sure that she doesn't know how to swim, since in all the time she's been going in the pond she never leaves the edge where she can touch bottom.  She's not afraid to get her head wet....dipping her nose deep into the water with the entire head going under.  Back when Blizzard was party to these fun times, Chili used to bark and bark at him as he swam back and forth across the water.  That's why I'm pretty sure she doesn't know how to swim.  Odd for a doggie isn't it?  She was thrilled to have this fun time and I suppose that I should let her back there more often.  She seems to really have a good time, although given permission, I'm not sure she'd appreciate it as much. 
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