Saturday, May 18, 2013

Right Time, Right Place

I heard quite a bit of chattering as I walked around the back pond area, but I didn't give it much thought.  I saw a bluebird bringing nesting materials to the purple martin house.

I walked over to look at the "bog" section which during dry season isn't boggy at all.  As I glanced up, I saw a Blue, B-52 bomber headed straight for me.
I stared at the bluebird and reminded him that I was pretty far away from the nesting box and to chill out.  I looked up at the pine tree and saw an interesting coloring on the pine cone so decided to take a photo.  Just then Mr. B-52 flew at me again.

$*(#&)% WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM??? I exclaimed.  As I turned, not 3 feet in front of me was a new fledgling, standing quite still.  Ahhh, dad was on the ball.  And I guess mom was too.  Already building for brood three when brood two is JUST out of the nest.

FLEDGE DAY!  So often missed as the babies quickly leave for parts unknown.
Somewhat later in the day I saw not one, but TWO hawks positioned around in the trees, waiting, waiting, waiting.  They didn't catch anything on MY watch.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Baby Sings the Blues

There was a bluebird convention at the nest box the other day. Birdies had hatched as I saw mom and dad dutifully bringing live insects to their babies. I was walking by and two birds took flight. Since I assumed that it was mom and pop, I neared the box to take a quick peek at how many babies there were while the adults were away. All of a sudden, MOM came flying out the hole. I was a bit perplexed. I was sure that I had seen two birds take flight just moments before.

The next day brought me my clue. There were 3 birds on the top of the box and a beak sticking out of the box. That's four birds and the newly hatched eggs are too little to be counted as "birds". I got the field glasses and noticed them fly away, yet not far. I saw pop with an insect quickly return and then I noticed the weak flight of a second one stumble up top the box. Through the field glasses I got a good look at a somewhat pitiful sight. There was a baby from the first 2013 brood begging dad for a bite. Pop stuck his beak inside the box to feed the newborns and quickly shooed away big sister.

I felt a little sorry for her, but you have to make it on your own in life, as dad was clearly trying to point out.

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