Friday, February 22, 2013

Mountains in Florida?

I was stunned to see a snow covered mountain out east the other day.  Surrounded by clear blue skies, it rose high above.  This is Florida, of course, so a snow covered mountain is unlikely, but I was mesmerized by the beauty of a single cloud mass billowing.  So much so that I took the photograph with the intention of sending it to our local news station which asks for our weather shots.
As luck would have it, my photo was centerstage on the 5pm news.  Beauty!  and I didn't have to shovel.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Freshwater seafood?

It's always an interesting time when I take the trash out to the curb (like we have a curb HA!). Today I discovered three new-to-me species of plants in the area close to the culvert where I leave the trashbin for pickup. One species, a lobelia is endemic to FL and one species, a clover, is introduced. The other native is a carnivorous bladderwort.

As I perused the dry culvert, I noticed that something had been chowing down. There were remnants of snail shells smashed and then there was the evidence shown in the photo. Mud bugs! I wonder who came to the "sidewalk" cafe to eat. Mind you, the mudbugs (crayfish) can regenerate claws, but I think that whoever stopped for lunch ate the whole thing and just tossed these claws to the side.

And here I didn't leave out any butter sauce.

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