Friday, March 29, 2013

Those Dastardly Bluebirds

This year the bluebirds have taken the wind out of my sails by nesting in the purple martin house.  Oh, I'm thrilled that they are nesting, but I have a perfectly nice blue bird nesting box that they have used since 2007.  The nest box is about 6 foot off the ground and has a swingdown door for easy access.  I always enjoyed taking a daily peak at the progress and seeing close up the miracle that are bluebirds.  This year…20 feet up, high in the sky.  I am blaming the mockingbirds for being mean to them and causing the move. 
Still, I am enjoying seeing the flurry of activity many times each day as mom and pop feed the new babies.  I'm just frustrated that I don't know how many.  I suspect a LOT because they fly back and forth non-stop all day long.  In with the food, out with the fecal sacs. 
So, from my ground perch I dream about the growth of downy feathers and hungry open mouths and think that with my field glasses and zoom camera I merely have a different view than past years.
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