Friday, February 8, 2013

Freshwater seafood?

It's always an interesting time when I take the trash out to the curb (like we have a curb HA!). Today I discovered three new-to-me species of plants in the area close to the culvert where I leave the trashbin for pickup. One species, a lobelia is endemic to FL and one species, a clover, is introduced. The other native is a carnivorous bladderwort.

As I perused the dry culvert, I noticed that something had been chowing down. There were remnants of snail shells smashed and then there was the evidence shown in the photo. Mud bugs! I wonder who came to the "sidewalk" cafe to eat. Mind you, the mudbugs (crayfish) can regenerate claws, but I think that whoever stopped for lunch ate the whole thing and just tossed these claws to the side.

And here I didn't leave out any butter sauce.

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Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

You always find such interesting things in your garden

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