Monday, June 28, 2010

Batting a thousand!

A few days ago I noticed a mockingbird quietly leaving a groundsel bush in the front corner of my yard.  They are usually so noisy that I decided I needed to go check what was up.  Lo and behold, I discovered a nest.  Now mind you, I couldn't see into the nest, I could barely see the nest as they are very adept at disguising and blending in.  I reached my point and shoot camera in between the leaves and took a shot.  I checked the camera and saw that there were four eggs inside the nest. 
Since Momma chose to build it in the "dog area", instead of the back where the dogs are fenced out, I figured I better put up a temporary fence so the setters don't have wings for lunch. I did that early yesterday. Today, as I passed by to see if mom was keeping the eggs warm, I noticed a small beak sticking up.  Again, I stuck my hand in between the leaves and clicked.  Looks like 4 healthy babies.  4 for 4. 
I'm a little amazed that I only found the nest a few days ago.  It has to have been there for quite some time.  Nature certainly knows how to protect itself.

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