Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Action Day - WATER!

I just found out it is Blog Action Day 2010 and the subject is water. A very important subject, I might add, especially here in Florida where we rely on the aquifer for our drinking water and every other kind of water. As can be seen in this 30 second video, during rainy season water isn't much of an issue.

However, I just was out in the yard and the pond is lower. We haven't had measurable rain for days. Dry season arrived suddenly and early this year. Soon the four-foot deep section of the pond will be empty, luckily the 15-foot deep section never has run dry...but it always is a concern. Once the four-foot section empties out there really isn't enough circumference for me to paddle the kayak around any longer and these days the extent of my paddling capabilities is limited to my backyard pond. Hopefully rain will arrive soon to replenish so I can continue to get this exercise. It serves a reminder that we really shouldn’t be using our potable water for gardening. It can all to quickly disappear.

I keep rain barrels and rain buckets and I took a scoop today to rinse out the compost container I use to transfer coffee grounds, veggie peels, fruit stems and my daily sudoku page from my kitchen into the compost bin, strategically located next to my brush pile in a corner of my property. I always make use of the collected rainwater whenever possible.

The compost was drier than it should have been, but is now revived with beautiful rainwater...water that is perfect for bringing it back to life. You should consider rainbarrels in your own garden. It is great for watering your container plants or your veggie garden. It's free and easily maintains itself…running down the teacup rain chain from the gutters all on its own. Leave the water from your tap for drinking and make use of mother nature's wonder for your garden. The plants will appreciate not having additives and the aquifer will appreciate not being overtaxed. Reduce, reuse, recycle…it makes sense for water use too!


K said...

thanks for posting about blog action day AND the water issue. I feel awful that we had to install fan sprinklers in our veg. garden this season, but the drip system just didn't cut it. The soil is completely dead, no worms, nothing.
So the drip wasn't going pass the top soil.
On the bright side, well the cardinals love the sprinkler, and i love watching them doing air piruets through the water.

Loret said...

using a sprinkler on "cash crops" is not something to apologize about since it isn't a waste of water. It provides nurishment for family and others, an important function. The fact that you apologize just goes to show how much you are aware of the environment which is refreshing!

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