Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ceraunus Blue FINALLY return

It's been a long time since I've seen a Ceraunus Blue Butterfly (Hemiargus ceraunus).  As a matter of fact, it was last winter when a week long freeze made them all disappear.  I've been watching daily and finally their return has come.
This is a fabulous time in Central Florida.  The White Peacock butterflies are back in abundance.  I looked out today mesmerized by 7 all at once sipping nectar from the Frogfruit (Phyla nordiflora) which also serves as one of their larval hosts, although I'm pretty sure mine use the bacopa.  The buckeyes are abundant as well.  The Green Lynx spiders are becoming more and more plentiful and I've seen several females guarding egg sacs which can only mean more on the way.  Cooler nights and warm but breezy days makes it a great place to observe nature when the north is getting ready for the gardens to go to sleep.  My garden is just beginning to reawaken from the hot summer.  Stayed tuned!

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