Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bird Brains

So, I spot the mockingbirds building a nest in a low growing holly (probably a cultivar, a gift from friends when I moved here).  It is maybe 2 ft high and located several feet and directly in line with the front of the bluebird nesting box.
Now the mockingbirds are nasty to the bluebirds and I personally don't want them taking up residence where they might prevent the bluebirds from nesting.  There are dozens of alternate nesting sites for the mockingbirds and more mockingbirds than you can count.  The bluebirds only nest in nest boxes (although I have some who are making use of the purple martin house (see article below), but that too is an enclosed area.  Doesn't seem fair that the mockers are hanging out in the bluebird area.
I went out and removed the start of their nest and pointed toward the oak in the front as a better neighborhood.  Next day, they were still trying to build.  I once again removed the sticks and such and since this one was a bit more formed than the last, I took the nest material and placed it in a crook in a young oak I have not too far away.  I was sidetracked and didn't pay attention for a couple of days.
Lo and behold, the dang birds built a nest inside of 2 days and layed an egg so that I can no longer touch it.  One day later we have a second egg (that's when I took the picture).
My concern is not only that they are mean to the bluebirds, my other concern is that this is BELOW the head height of a certain English Setter who would just love to play with the babies when they hatch, or mom while she is cooking the eggs.  I also envision the snakes thinking they have come upon the best breakfast bar in the world.  The snakes often get into nests 6 or 7 foot high up in the trees, so this low spot is just an easy target.
Who knows why they insist on this shrub but they do.  Now I see where the phrase "bird brain" comes from.  They aren't too smart!


Rebecca said...

Great post! I would love it if bluebirds nested in my martin house... I've never had anything other than a starling take up residence (never a Purple Martin)!

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

new bluebird house and we think the bluebirds are nesting...some birds are just too naive and are not thinking about all the potential dangers...

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