Friday, August 3, 2012

It Just Never Goes Away

OK, I live here for 6+ years and I've "eradicated" the invasive Elephant Ears (Xanthosoma sagittifolium) that the prior owner seemed to live for. And yet, once again, they rear their ugly heads. Yes, this is the problem when people landscape with exotic species.

My Class II Invasive "ears" grow on the septic side, where they dig in next to the a/c unit. I don't always go over to that side of the yard, except to mow the septic area and cut back anything that attempts to grow around the a/c or creeps under the house. I was quite surprised that they had gotten so huge and out of hand. I mean, it really hadn't been THAT long since I mowed. Pretty much I have to mow every 4 days….it's rainy season, after all. But, that is a problem with invasives. They grow so unbounded and quickly that it can make your head spin.

So, I grabbed my trusty shovel and dug out the culprits and have them hanging upside down, roots to be fried by the sun until no longer viable. That is unless I find someone with a nice burn pit.
I suppose they are once again eradicated…until next time they pop up. Curse you invasives!


Carole Sevilla Brown said...

It does grow tiresome, doesn't it? My battle is with Bishop's Weed. I dig and I pull and still it keeps popping up. My neighbor across the street has been pulling it at her place for more than 30 years. That's kind of depressing....Sigh

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

I agree ladies it is tiresome battling certain weeds. Constant but we keep doing it. I even did my weekly teasel beheading with a migraine and in 90 degree heat. Next is thistle and Queen Anne's lace

Cindy said...

My battle is with Japanese Stilt grass.. I considered setting up a web cam to see if it really did regrow as quickly as I turned my back.. Keep up the good fight..

Queen Anne's
ace us not in my garden (yet) but it seems everywhere on LI..

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